Is there a Muzak office in my area?

Yes! We have a national sales and service network to support every zip code. Find the local Muzak Representative in your area

I have several locations across three States.

Will I receive consistent service?

Yes. Muzak has over 165 field offices nationwide, including our corporate-owned offices and franchise locations. Our skilled technicians receive uniform training to ensure that your service is consistent no matter where your storefronts are located.

My building won't permit satellite dishes

Muzak offers content updates via cellular networks for a truly wireless solution.

How many clients does Muzak have?

Muzak serves more than 250,000 client locations.

Where are Muzak's clients located?

Throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

Where is Muzak headquartered?

Fort Mill, SC (near Charlotte, NC).

How do I contact someone at Muzak about my business?

Just call 800.331.3340, and we'll connect you with a local representative right away.

Is Muzak still elevator music?

No way! Muzak started working with original artist material in 1984 — one of the first songs was Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Since then, our music programs have expanded to include genres such as new indie rock, skate punk, hip-hop, alternative country, contemporary Italian, '80s hits, American roots, classic soul, Latin pop, and New Orleans music, among many others.

The difference between core and custom programming.

Muzak offers more than 100 core business music programs in the widest range of genres imaginable. Core programs are available to any client and most any business type can enhance their brand with a core program. Custom programs meet the needs of clients with very specific requirements for artist and song selection – custom music clients are often regional or national brands with many locations.

I thought Muzak just did business music.

Shouldn't I work with a professional sound system designer?

Muzak is the world's leading provider of business music, and we are also the nation's top commercial sound system designer. We've installed more business sound systems than all other music providers combined!

What happens if my audio equipment stops working?

Can Muzak repair it?

Absolutely. In addition to expert design and installation, Muzak is the only commercial sound system provider that offers a highly trained repair technician team. We can service your business anytime, anywhere through our national service network.

Where is Muzak's office located?

Will it take a long time to get someone out to my location to install my sound system?

Muzak operates more than 165 offices around the country, to support businesses in every zip code. Best of all, we're on call 24/7 at 866 MUZAK 05 (866 689.2505) and guarantee service within 48 hours. No other commercial sound system provider can back up that promise! Find the local Muzak Representative in your area

If I call for installation or service, who will come to do it?

Muzak guarantees you'll always work with a Muzak employee. Our expert design, installation and service technicians receive extensive training and maintain dozens of certifications within their areas of expertise. You can rest assured that the Muzak support you expect will be available to you at every step of the way.

I have multiple business locations

Can I get them all installed at the same time?

You bet. Because Muzak operates the nation's largest national service network, we can complete installations in Florida, Minnesota and California – and everywhere in between, according to your schedule.

My commercial space is under construction

Can Muzak work with my builder to fit in the sound system?

Yes, our expert sound design engineers are accustomed to working with architects, interior designers and builders to ensure your sound system meets the engineering and aesthetic requirements of your space.

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