It's what you say and how you say it.

Give your brand voice the opportunity to be heard through in-store and on-hold messaging. Seize the opportunity to connect with interested prospects and existing customers – your most valuable target audience. Whether you're telling shoppers about the newest promotion or cross-selling to customers on-hold, our approach to messaging provides the highest quality messages and service – so you can fully realize the opportunity to speak with customers about your business.

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How it Works

Use on-hold and in-store messaging to drive incremental sales, reinforce advertising and promotions, and keep customers informed.

More than 57,000 client locations trust Muzak for their on-hold and in-store messaging services based on our expertise, our end-to-end capabilities and our efficient, client-focused process.

Voice On-Hold

You spend a lot of time, money and effort to capture customers' attention. If you have to put them on-hold, what do they hear? Muzak Voice On-Hold makes it easy to create a positive on-hold experience for your customers so you can retain callers and reduce hang-ups.

Voice In-Store

To communicate with your customers onsite, we create targeted in-store messages and blend them seamlessly with the right music. Together, they inform your customers, support your promotions and help you sell more while creating the right atmosphere for your business.

Voiceover Production

Do you need professional voiceover recordings for your phone tree, website or presentation? Muzak can provide a professional quality production for use on your existing equipment, website, presentation, and much more.

On-Hold Statistics

  • 60% of callers hang up from holding without messages or music; 30% don't call back
  • 88% of callers preferred sales messages to other hold options; 20% made a purchase
  • Information on-hold increases caller retention by about 40%

In-Store Statistics

  • 66% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse
  • In-store marketing programs increase sales by as much as 20%
  • Audio advertising influences more than 80% of all buying decisions

Customer Testimonials

Voice Samples

What does your brand voice sound like? Take a moment to browse our sample gallery and listen to some of the finest voice talent available. If you don't hear the voice of your brand, let us know and we'll help you find it.

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Real Estate

Voice On-Hold

Hotel / Motel

Voice On-Hold

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Voice In-Store

Convenience Store

Voice In-Store

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What is Website Audio?

Website Audio

Monkey Joe’s – Auto A...

Phone System Messaging

Why Muzak?

Creative Process

An experienced team of writers, editors, recording engineers and voiceover talent create messages that capture your brand voice and extend it on-hold and in-store.

Voice Online

We make it easy to manage your on-hold or in-store messaging with our Voice Online production website. You can place new orders, approve scripts and voicing for pending orders, track order status and access your past productions. Hundreds of pre-written messages are available to choose from, including ads that are specific to your industry and ready to be customized. Access to Voice Online is included with your Voice service.

Delivery Options

Muzak's wide variety of delivery options allow for ultimate customization and flexibility. Backed by our talented, full-service production department and national service teams, we guarantee you the highest-quality message delivery time and time again. Internet delivery offers the ability to schedule your messages with just a few mouse clicks.

  • IP/Internet
  • Satellite
  • On-Premise (CD/USB)
  • Phone Download
  • VOIP
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