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The power of music is undeniable.  Music creates a connection and sets a mood.  It can motivate, attract and engage. It can be a competitive advantage and a reason for customers to come in and come back.  Let Muzak help you use the widest selection of fully licensed music programming to create an environment that will enhance your brand and build your business. Our new music ratings guide makes it even easier to find the right music solution.

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Core Series

Style & Selection

For our most popular option, we use nearly 3 million tracks – the world’s largest digital archive – to create the most extensive program catalog in the industry.  From the latest releases to the biggest hits to forgotten gems, select and schedule the perfect sounds for your business.

The Café

Custom Music

Sonic Branding

Our media consultants will partner with you to fully understand your brand and your business.  The result is a one-of-a-kind, made-to-order music experience, handcrafted at the track level to elevate and express your brand.

• Brand-centric methodology
• Full-service design and delivery
• Segmentation and scheduling
• Integrated media solutions

Our Global Team of Experts

Music Design

An unforgettable music experience doesn't just happen. Our Core and Custom programs are designed by real people who understand brands and how the elements of an experience come together.  Artists. Geeks. Gurus. Whatever you call them, our global team of experts are here to help, bringing passion and skill to achieve real results for your brand and your business. Check out some of our music designers at Mood Today.

How It Works

75% of consumers believe that music is an important part of the in-store experience.  Research consistently proves that the right music has a positive effect on the bottom line.  The right music will help you…

• Increase sales and employee productivity
• Attract the right customers
• Impact dwell time
• Create a competitive advantage
• Differentiate your brand and build loyalty


We offer the widest selection of music solutions in the industry.  Let us partner with you to translate your business or brand into a musical experience that will connect with your target customers.  What does your business sound like? How does it feel?  Who does it include?

We can deliver your music solution in many different ways, including IP/Internet, satellite or on-premise media.  You'll enjoy regular content updates, no external interruptions and the security of knowing that all content has been licensed and vetted through our rigorous screening process for lyrics and subject matter.  Plus, you’ll receive a consistent, high-quality sound experience without skips, blips, volume fluctuations or rough transitions.

Why Muzak?

Does it really matter who provides your music?  You might be surprised.  There’s more to business music than a playlist of your favorite tunes.  Choosing the right music provider makes a difference and doing it yourself leaves too much to chance and can be costly for your business. 

Programming Options
Creative Design
Online Control
Delivery Platforms
Quality Sound


Take our advice – don’t settle. Find out why Muzak provides
the best music solutions for your investment.

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