Turn shoppers into buyers.

Shop longer. Spend more. Repeat. That’s our focus when it comes to retail. Whatever you’re selling, the right music can distinguish your brand, drive greater sales, and create a unique shopping experience that builds customer loyalty. Take it a step further by adding in-store messaging and digital signage to encourage action at the point of sale.

Case Studies

DSW Shoes

When the Ohio State University Medical Center asked DSW for help with their Women's Health Initiative, DSW immediately jumped on board. There were no embarrassing displays of giant cardboard checks, however. DSW volunteered to organize a chic event to generate awareness for the cause, celebrate the initiative – and, of course, raise some much-needed funds. Called "An Evening of Passion," the high-concept event transformed the flagship DSW store into a bistro in Seville at midnight, and reflected the modern Latin music that is a key element of DSW's custom music program. Music became the event's central theme – inspiring guests to be as passionate in giving as they are about stylish shoes. To keep this spirit alive long after the last tango, DSW turned to Muzak to create a compilation CD to send home with attendees. "Music is a powerful thing," said Derek Ungless, DSW executive vice president. "You hear a song, and you remember where you were. Hopefully when we come calling again next year, people will remember what a great evening they had because they've been enjoying this CD ever since."



Sprint is a leader in the wireless communications industry, and is focused on proactively creating solutions and opportunities for their customers. Their menus of products and services are vast and accommodate all sub-markets, so they want to educate customers with a limited technological scope, without alienating customers that crave the very latest.


In creating Sprint's in-store audio messaging program, we designed a message formula so listeners could easily access the information. An announcer asks a question about an opportunity and answers his own question with the Sprint tag, "Yes you can!" The announcer then goes on to explain the solution in personable, straightforward language. All in-store marketing messages also encourage customers to ask store communications consultants, use the Sprint Interactive Center or visit Sprint.com for details. This formula serves as a launch pad to entice customers to explore more options and expand their Sprint experience.

Voice Talent

We have selected friendly, approachable male and female audio voiceover talents to convey Sprint's proactive, positive approach to customer service.


Since these audio marketing messages are incorporated with an upbeat music program, they must stand out from the music and keep the energy of the experience positive. Music doesn't stop for long, and Sprint's icon sound is employed to capture the listener's attention. Music beds are up-tempo and are occasionally blended with select Sprint ring tones for a completely unique, seamless sound.

Retail FAQs

Is Muzak still the elevator music company?

No way! Muzak started working with original artist material in 1984 — one of the first songs was Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Since then, our music programs have expanded to include genres such as new indie rock, skate punk, hip-hop, alternative country, contemporary Italian, '80s hits, American roots, classic soul, Latin pop, and New Orleans music, among many others. The retail music experience hasn't been the same since.

I have several retail locations across several states.

Will I receive consistent service?

Yes. Muzak has over 165 field offices nationwide, including our corporate-owned offices and franchise locations. Our skilled technicians receive uniform training to ensure that your service is consistent no matter where your retail storefronts are located.

How do I contact someone at Muzak?

Just call 800.331.3340, and we'll connect you with a local representative right away. You can also contact us here.

I thought Muzak just did business music.

Shouldn't I work with a professional audio/visual systems designer for my retail store?

Muzak is the world's leading provider of business music, and we are also the nation's top audio/video systems designer for retail applications. We've designed and installed more retail audio/video systems than all other music providers combined!

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