Complete the dining experience.

For a restaurant, the right sights and sounds complement great food and service to deliver a consistent experience – be it take-out, casual dining or splurge event. Turn first-timers into regulars by creating an experience to remember and repeat. Serving more than 80,000 restaurant locations, Muzak understands what you need from us. Great music. Reliable service. Plenty of options. Affordable price. It’s all on the menu at Muzak.

Case Studies

Bracco World Café

Audio Design Challenge

Bracco World Café and Island Bar wanted to create an experience for its clients that emphasized great food and a fun, casual atmosphere. To accomplish this, they needed to balance lively music and television with casual conversation throughout the dining experience. In addition, owner Dave Thompson wanted to work with a single provider to solve all of his audio/visual needs.

Audio Design Solution

Thompson was pleased to discover that Muzak fit the bill. In addition to business-friendly music, the Muzak team was ready to design and install a custom commercial sound system as well as flat-panel TVs to help define Bracco's laid-back brand and welcoming guest experience.

Within the restaurant, the Muzak team designed a custom sound system around Bose in-ceiling speakers, to provide high-performance sound while blending seamlessly into the warm and inviting décor. In the patio and bar, Muzak delivered stunning video imagery and high-energy music by incorporating nine 42" LG® plasma television monitors and Klipsch® sound equipment that allowed guests to experience the spirit and soul of the Bracco music program in perfect detail.

The Result

Together with Muzak, Bracco World Café created an inviting guest environment with music, sound and television that allows customers to enjoy the dining experience while enjoying each others' company.

Restaurants & Bars FAQs

I have a number of restaurants across the region.

Is there a Muzak office in my area?

Yes! We have a national sales and service network to support every zip code. Find the local Muzak Representative in your area.

How do I contact someone at Muzak?

Just call 800.331.3340, and we'll connect you with a local representative right away. You can also contact us here.

Is Muzak still the elevator music company?

No way! Muzak started working with original artist material in 1984 — one of the first songs was Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Restaurant music hasn't been the same ever since. Our music programs have expanded over the years to include genres such as new indie rock, skate punk, hip-hop, alternative country, contemporary Italian, '80s hits, American roots, classic soul, Latin pop, and New Orleans music, among many others. No matter what your restaurant concept, we have a music solution that's right for you.

My restaurant is under construction

Can Muzak work with my builder to fit in the audio/video system?

Yes, our expert sound design engineers are accustomed to working with architects, interior designers and builders to ensure your audio/video system meets the engineering and aesthetic requirements of your restaurant space.

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