Quick Service Restaurant

Faster makes you money. Smarter saves you money.

More than 60,000 Quick Service Restaurants trust Muzak to keep the cars rolling through and their business operating at peak efficiency and profitability. We are a comprehensive single source solution. From equipment, system design and installation to the fastest, most reliable service in the industry, Muzak leads the way in everything drive-thru.

Case Studies


PDQ is an innovative QSR concept, committed to providing the very best and most fresh ingredients, hand-prepared in the cleanest environment possible, by people dedicated to great tasting food. Fresh Food Fast!


When a group of experienced restaurant operators and entrepreneurs were looking to get into the QSR market, they faced a number of unique challenges that they had never faced before in the traditional restaurant industry. First and foremost, what to do about the drive-thru? Second, how to make their new concept standout in such a competitive environment? Based on their experience with Muzak in their restaurants, they turned to us once again to help with providing their drive-thru solutions and much more.

Design Solution

PDQ recognized the value of a single source provider like Muzak, so they asked Muzak to assist with their music, sound system, closed circuit television, digital signage, digital menu boards, and an innovative drive-thru system, including the latest in wireless digital technology, an order confirmation board and drive-thru timer.

The Result

In 2010, PDQ launched their first location in South Carolina to rave customer reviews. With a clean and customer-friendly restaurant design, a super-efficient drive thru, great value, and incredible food quality that you might not expect from a quick service restaurant, PDQ is poised for growth and exceptional customer loyalty.

"We're excited about the introduction of this revolutionary concept to the QSR space, and Muzak has been a big part of our success." -- Joe Douglas, Founder

"We value Muzak as a genuine customer service oriented partner that consistently provides a high level of quality service, product and innovation for our QSR business needs." -– Don, Wendy's Franchisee

Quick Service Restaurants FAQs

I have a number of restaurants across the region

Is there a Muzak service office in all my areas?

Yes! We have a national sales and service network to support every zip code. Find the local Muzak Representative in your area.

How do I contact someone at Muzak?

Just call 800.331.3340, and we'll connect you with a local representative right away. You can also contact us here.

I have a late night and early morning drive-thru

Is Muzak on call to assist the special service needs of my drive-thru system and employees?

Absolutely. No one understands the critical QSR service needs better than Muzak. Our QSR service network is staffed and designed to ensure we resolve your drive-thru service needs as quickly as possible and keep your drive thru systems up and running and your drive thru team happy. That means happy customers and repeat business!

I thought Muzak just did music and drive-thru

Shouldn't I work with security professionals for my restaurant's CCTV systems?

Muzak is built an entire business unit designed to be a single source solution for the quick service restaurant industry. That includes a closed circuit television design and installations team, which is about much more than just security. When it comes to your QSR franchise, it's about video management, and that requires the specialized understanding of your business that only Muzak can provide.

My quick service franchise is under construction

Can Muzak work with my builder to fit in the sound system?

Yes, we work with quick service franchise construction teams all the time. Our expert sound design engineers are accustomed to working with architects, interior designers and builders to ensure your sound system meets the engineering and aesthetic requirements of your space.

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