Make them want to stay.  Again.

Guests are always coming and going. Entice them to come back by creating a positive and memorable experience. Whatever your style, boutique, extended stay, or full service, the right music sets a welcoming mood and tone. Add messaging, sound, digital signage and scent to the mix to complete the guest experience and create brand loyalty and repeat business.

Case Studies

Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort

Audio Design Challenge

The largest resort on Marco Island, Florida, this Marriott luxury property includes restaurants, retail shops, pools and activity areas on more than three miles of beach. Marco Island Marriott needed a commercial sound system that enabled guests to enjoy sound wherever they are, indoors or outdoors, throughout the property – all from a background sound system that blends into the Balinese beauty of the resort.

Audio Design Solution

An audio design team from Muzak and Bose® used a series of FreeSpace® 360P II in-ground loudspeakers both indoors and outdoors. The innovative design of the loudspeaker disperses sound evenly both vertically and horizontally, so listeners can hear sound whether they are sitting or standing in outdoor event spaces, lobby and pool areas, shops and restaurants. And the variety of speaker types in the FreeSpace® system allowed the sound system to virtually disappear no matter where the speakers were placed.

The Result

"Wherever you go on the property, you're hearing quality sound, and that's contributing to the complete experience we want to create here for our guests. And all you're noticing is the sound. You don't see equipment and speakers everywhere." -- Rick Medwedeff, General Manager

Fantasy Springs Resort/Casino

Audio Design Challenge

After completing a $200 million renovation, Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino needed a dynamic and multi-tiered sound system to supply 200,000 square feet of casino, hotel and event space. The commercial sound system needed to provide high-quality sound to support gaming, pool and lobby areas, four restaurants and a bar – as well as 13 meeting rooms that are configured for concerts, meetings and corporate events.

Audio Design Solution

Muzak created a multi-functional audio/visual system including plasma and LCD displays, as well as twelve audio zones outfitted in studio-grade speakers and a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with presets for zone display. All zones are controlled by touch screen displays within each area. The pool area, as an example, includes 55 Bose® ground speakers to provide atmospheric audio and sound buffering. The event center's multi-purpose needs were met with a DSP-controlled, high-quality audio system, touch panel controls and a projection screen with full audio/visual capabilities. Best of all, the entire system can be monitored and operated remotely.

The Result

"Through shifting deadlines and a number of other design and construction crews, Muzak's professional staff tackled all challenges presented by this large and complex project." -- Richard Brown, A/V and Production Manager.

Hotel Vitale

Joie de Vivre Hotels has built its brand upon the importance of appealing to all five senses at every opportunity. And nowhere is that more apparent than at Hotel Vitale. Located on the San Francisco bay, Hotel Vitale features open, light-filled spaces and stunning water views. In addition to water and light, elements like warm wood, sprigs of fresh lavender and natural stones complete Hotel Vitale's "Luxury, Naturally" concept. This concept is enhanced by the Moodscapes music program, a contemplative mix of pleasing instrumentals — creating a serene oasis in the lobby and the soothing experience of a day spa throughout the hotel.

Hospitality FAQs

I have a number of hotels across the region

Is there a Muzak service office in all my areas?

Yes! We have a national sales and service network to support every zip code. Find the local Muzak Representative in your area.

How do I contact someone at Muzak?

Just call 800.331.3340, and we'll connect you with a local representative right away. You can also contact us here.

Is Muzak still the elevator music company?

No way! Muzak started working with original artist material in 1984 — one of the first songs was Michael Jackson's "Thriller." The hospitality music experience hasn't been the same ever since. In addition to pop music, we've designed music programs specifically for the hospitality environment that include jazz, electronica, world music, classic soul, new indie rock, and much more.

I thought Muzak just did business music.

Shouldn't I work with a professional audio/video systems designer for my new hotel?

Muzak is the world's leading provider of business music, and we are also the nation's top audio/visual systems designer for hotels. That's one of the greatest things about Muzak—we are the only single source solution in the hospitality industry. That means one number to call for all of your audio/video needs, from content to complete systems design.

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