Deliver a healthy dose of music – and more.

Creating a comfortable experience and operating an efficient practice are critically important. Our healthcare solutions are specifically designed to address your most pressing needs. Help patients relax, reduce perceived wait times and provide valuable information with music, voice and sight services.

Case Studies

The Doctors Clinic

Audio Design Challenge

The Doctors Clinic is built on a history of medical excellence and compassionate care. For over 60 years, they've been caring for the people and communities in Kitsap County, Washington. Today, The Doctors Clinic prides itself as a progressive medical community where patients are at the heart of their mission. That means every aspect of the patient experience is considered carefully, including aesthetic design of their space, great music, and innovative digital signage from Muzak. The Doctors clinic understands the importance of clean installations and professional service of their audio video systems, so they selected Muzak to design the systems for their conference center and new corporate offices. With a need for centralized and convenient control of the music in their 10 facility locations, they selected our Encompass LE2 satellite delivery platform to deliver their music. As an innovator in the healthcare industry, The Doctors Clinic is also taking advantage of our digital signage services to enhance the experience and connect with patients in a positive and productive manner.

"Corporate staff and visitors regularly comment on how much the overhead music is appreciated and the positive atmosphere that is created. The wide selection of music choices and ability to program selections and genres is superb." -- The Doctors Clinic

Healthcare FAQs

I have multiple practice locations across the region

Is there a Muzak service office in all my areas?

Yes! We have a national sales and service network to support every zip code. Find the local Muzak Representative in your area.

How do I contact someone at Muzak?

Just call 800.331.3340, and we'll connect you with a local representative right away. You can also contact us here.

Is Muzak still the elevator music company?

No way! Muzak started working with original artist material in 1984 — one of the first songs was Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Healthcare waiting rooms haven't sounded the same ever since. Our music programs have expanded over the years to include a number of other genres that are appropriate for healthcare applications, including jazz, pop, rock, decades, American roots and classic soul, among many others. Contact your Muzak representative today for more information about the music that's right for your practice.

I thought Muzak just did business music.

Shouldn't I work with a professional audio video systems designer for my conference rooms and waiting rooms?

Muzak is the world's leading provider of business music, and we are also the nation's top commercial audio video systems designer. We've installed more audio/video systems, including conference room, television and digital signage systems, than all other music providers combined!

My new practice/clinic is under construction

Can Muzak work with my general contractor to fit in the audio video system?

Yes, our expert audio video design engineers are accustomed to working with architects, interior designers and builders to ensure your audio video system meets the engineering and aesthetic requirements of your new space.

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